To meet CSR obligations of the group, a Public Charitable Trust was formed on 19th September 2019 by the Polyhose group of Companies in the name of “Jamnagarwala Charitable Trust” [hereinafter referred as “The Trust”] by registering the Trust Deed with the Sub Registrar Office, Adyar vide Doc No.124/2019. The trust complied the required compliance under the Income Tax Act, 1961 and the Companies Act, 2013.

1) The CSR money of the Company shall be utilised to:-

  • promotion of education including by way of providing infrastructure facilities such as classroom, toilets, dining area etc to the schools being run / aided by Government in sub-urban and rural areas.  promoting health care including preventive health care by providing infrastructure facilities in the hospitals for terminally ill patients and provide financial support for the chronic ailments of underprivileged sect of people.
  • promote / aid / support sports aspirants for their overall development / grooming and develop sports infrastructure in various institutions to inculcate interest and promote sports among the school and college students.
  • ensure environmental sustainability by planting trees and create a dense plantation to maintain quality of soil, air and water.
  • promote gender equality and safety of women and elderly persons by providing various support systems to improve the overall social status of women/elderly people.
  • shall provide relief, support, rehabilitation, reconstruction activities etc. for disaster management in case of natural calamities or emergencies etc.
  • other activities as specified under the Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013 and notified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs from time to time.

2) CSR Committee:-

The CSR Committee of the Company was formed with 2 members with the Chairmanship of Mr.Shabbir Yusuf Jamnagarwala, Director and Mr.S.J.Mohammed, Managing Director as Member.

3) Purpose of CSR Committee/s to :-

  • formulate and amend, time to time and recommend the same to the Board for their approval.
  • recommend and undertake CSR projects as approved by the Board;
  • monitor and update the status of CSR activities / project of the company;
  • review / provide instructions to the Jamnagarwala Charitable Trust for utilisation.
  • recommend suitable project to the company / deploy CSR money in the CSR activities by the company and/or the Trust.  request the company to take an impact assessment report, if applicable.

4) Board’s Rights and Responsibilities: -

  • To approve the CSR Policy after taking into account the recommendations made by the CSR Committee.
  • To ensure that company makes mandatory disclosures in the Company’s Annual Reports and website, relating to CSR Committee members, Policy and the activities undertaken.
  • To assure that the funds so disbursed have been utilized for the purposes and in the manner as approved by Board / CSR Committee.
  • To transfer of unspent CSR Amount if any in accordance with the law.
  • Ongoing project, the board shall monitor the implementation of the project with reference to the approved timelines and year-wise allocation and shall be competent to make modification, if any required.

5) Funding / selection / monitoring process:-

The CSR Committee would deliberate the proposals and make recommendation to the Board to select and approve the CSR projects. After approval from the Board, the CSR Fund would be transferred to Jamnagarwala Charitable Trust to carry out the project/s approved by the Board. Thereafter the Committee would monitor the projects being handled by the Trust and give a periodic report to the Board about the status of the project being undertaken by the Trust out of CSR funds given by the Company.

The Company may also entrust such CSR activities directly or to any other Company, Society or Trust with established track record of 3 years in undertaking similar programs or projects. The modalities of utilisation of funds on such projects and programs and monitoring and reporting the mechanism will be introduced by the Company.

6) Treatment of excess CSR Expenditure:-

If the company spends an amount in excess of the requirements provided under the Act, then the company may set off such excess amount against the requirement to spend the amount in succeeding financial years and in such manner, as may be prescribed under the Act and Rules made thereunder.

7) Treatment of surplus CSR Funds:-

Any surplus arising out of the CSR activities shall not form part of the business profits of the Company and shall be ploughed back into the same project or shall be transferred to the Unspent CSR Account and spent in pursuance of CSR policy and annual action plan of the Company or transfer such surplus amount to a Fund specified in Schedule VII, within such period and with such terms and conditions as may be prescribed under Section 135 of the Act read with relevant rules applicable.

8) Website Policy:-

The policy will be uploaded on the website of the company.

9)Amendments to the policy:-

The Board of Directors, either on its own or as per the recommendations of CSR Committee, can amend this Policy, as and when required. The decision of the Board of Directors on all matters, relating to this Policy, shall be final and binding upon all concerned. This Policy is subject to continuous review and updates as required from time to time.

10) CSR Reporting and Disclosure: -

Board’s Report of the company shall include an annual report on CSR containing particulars specified in the Act and signed by Mr.Shabbir Yusuf Jamnagarwala, Director and Chairman of the CSR Committee and Mr.S.J.Mohammed, Managing Director and Member of the CSR Committee.